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The advantages of being shy.

Shyness can impact every aspect of your life, but it’s not all bad.  In fact there are many advantages to being shy.

Children:   Shy children are safer.   Children have a natural shyness that helps keep them safe until they are able to develop an ‘instinct’ towards people and situations.  Everyone has seen the small child that is too trusting of strangers and likes to talk  to each stranger as they walk past.   This natural shyness is outgrown by most children.  

Education and Career:  Less talkative people often develop very good listening and analytical skills.  They take the time to survey a situation or watch a person, to gain a stronger understand of what is really happening, this can be a strong advantage especially in negotiations.     Shy people are resourceful, independent and self-reflective which can lead to very creative and successful career.

Relationships:  Shy people make very loyal friends and partners.  The relationship may take longer to develop, but once a shy person feels comfortable they open up and a deep friendship will develop. 

There is also disadvantages of being shy

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